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Takesumi Power (Mysterious Bamboo Charcoal)

Takesumi is a Japanese word for Bamboo Charcoal. Bamboo charcoal is a very versatile product. It has been popular in Japan and it is highlighted with its magical powers. Please try it as you like as it does not harm you at all. Here is the introduction of usage of bamboo charcoal but these are just examples.

1. Purifying Water
Put some pieces of charcoal in the water (jug, pet bottle, etc.) and leave it for a couple of hours. You will notice the difference in taste. You can use the charcoal for a couple of months and if you wash it, you can use it some times.

2. Deodorant and Dehumidification
Bamboo charcoal can deodorize and dehumidify. Please try with anything. It is also found that Bamboo Charcoal can reduce chemical or toxic gas.

3. With food
If you put some pieces with food, like fruits or vegetables, it will last longer. Put a piece in the frying oil, the fry will be crispy. We put a piece in the rice cooker so that the rice tastes better.

4. Plant and Animal care
Bamboo charcoal can enhance the condition of the soil by mixing it in the soil. You can also mix it in the food for animals. They will be healthier and the taste of their meat will be better.

5. Health Recovery & Healing
Traditionally, charcoal has been taken when you have something wrong with your health. We have some different formulas of Bamboo Charcoal for this, such as a stick piece, powder, leaves charcoal and liquid. It is popular in Japan to lay charcoal under the floor of the house. It can not only deodorize and dehumidify the house but also you will get a comfortable feeling.

6. About Bamboo Vinegar
There is a product we call gBamboo Vinegarh. It is the liquid produced by cooling the smoke in the process of making charcoal. It has a more amazing function than charcoal. We can introduce lots of applications of Charcoal Vinegar. Please ask us if you are interested.
Making Charcoal
We have a charcoal kiln in our property for making bamboo charcoal. As charcoal is used for agricultural and pastoral purposes, we produce charcoal on our site and use it for our gardens and our everyday life. This is a kind of permacultural approach.

We introduce our bamboo charcoal products to the NZ market. Our charcoal is made in home-made style. We use logs of wood for the kiln as we would like to produce them not in an industrial way. When you try our charcoal, you will find it is spiritual.
Bamboo Life
We have a line of bamboo charcoal products with our brand name "Bamboo Life". This is the first bamboo charcoal made in New Zealand with bamboos grown in New Zealand. You can see and buy our products on this site. Please see the "Bamboo Life" page.
Bamboolife Product
To see our bamboo charcoal products, please click this banner.
Magazine Article
From here you can get the PDF file of a copy of the magazine article about charcoal.
Information about Charcoal
We have prepared a document to introduce Bamboo Charcoal. You can get PDF file by clicking the banner above.
Charcoal by Dr. Thrash
This is a book written about charcoal. Charcoal has been used for home remedy for a long time especially in France and Belgium. This book is introducing how to use charcoal as remedy in many ways. By Agatha Thrash, M.D. & Calvin Thrash, M.D.