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The first Bamboo Charcoal made in NZ with bamboos grown in NZ

"Bamboo Life" is the brand name for our bamboo charcoal products. This is the first bamboo charcoal made in New Zealand by a Japanese owned company in Motueka with the bamboos grown in Takaka, New Zealand.

We have a variety of bamboo charcoal products that can be used for different purposes.

Bamboo Life Products
Bamboo Charcoal Sticks (200g) Sticks for Drink Bottle
A box of 200g of Bamboo Charcoal sticks about 15cm length. You will receive a brochure how to use it in the box but please try in any way you like and you will find more interesting uses. The charcoal is easily cut in the size you like.
10 thin sticks are in the packet, which you can put in your drink bottles. When you take water with you in a bottle, just put a couple of pieces of charcoal in it. The water will taste nicer and it will be purified.
Small pieces Bamboo Charcoal (300g) Bamboo Charcoal Vinegar Distilled (250ml)
300g of offcuts small pieces in the box. This is cheaper than the sticks but the functions are the same.
Bamboo Charcoal Vinegar is an interesting product and this is distilled one which you can take in your body for health purpose.
Bamboo Charcoal Vinegar (750ml) Bamboo Leaf Charcoal
There is an interesting product called "Bamboo Vinegar". This is not actually vinegar but it is an acid liquid taken by cooling the smoke in the process of making charcoal. This has amazing functions. If you mix this a couple of drop in the bath water, it will keep you warm. We use this for agricultural and pastoral purpose as well.
We can also make charcoal with bamboo leaves. You can eat bamboo charcoal when you have something wrong with your health and the leaves of charcoal is easier to take. It is harmless and safe to eat.
Ornament Charcoal |YpE_[
This is good product for ornament. It has the same function as charcoal such as deodorising and dehumidifying.
Price by product
Charcoal powder is another one to take for your health. It is an easy form to take as well. The powder charcoal is used with noodles or bread in Japan by mixing into the flour. Great for your health..

Life with Bamboo Charcoal

The life with bamboo charcoal is health life. Please try it with anything you like and you will find the uses very versatile
Charcoal Pendant
We can make a pendant with your order fro $30,
Online Shop
We are developing the page for buying the bamboo charcoal products with shopping Cart but if you are interested in buying them now, please contact us by the order form .